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    Quantus Developments Ltd - Peter Fishenden
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    SAP Calculation and EPC
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Base Energy have been working with Peter Fishenden since 2014 to ensure their residential properties meet Building Regulations. In this time, SHGL have completed two projects with Peter Fishenden, the managing director of Quantus Developments with forty years experience in the building industry.

The development at Torrington Bungalow was built from SIP technology (Structural Insulated Panel). The particular board used has many qualities from high thermal insulation, standard fire protection in line with other gypsum products, and is weather proof.

Other benefits of SIP system is the speed of construction, with the house taking only 4 days to erect the walling, and 8 days to construct the shell. The speed of build results in much reduced preliminaries attributed to Health and Safety requirements, welfare and security. Trades are off site sooner, and as there is less waste the site tends to be kept tidier with less cleanup cost. It is estimated that the build cost came in at one third to one half of a traditional build cost.
The bungalow has effectively been designed using passive house ideals including low U Values for the fabric elements and higher efficiency windows than those required under building regulations. It has reduced overheating in summer, with a cross flow design that reduces the need for energy from cooling systems. This fabric first approach means the dwelling has effectively merged the high air tightness and insulation with an efficient mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system that reduces the energy demand and hence less need for the heating to be on as high as it would normally be, this resulted in air tightness test result of 0.77m³/h/ m²@50Pa, average air test result are around 5 m³/h/ m²@50Pa. Overall the cost to live in the dwelling would be far less than a traditional house, due to the high energy efficiency.

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