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  • Will I need solar Photovoltaic panels to pass the New Part L 2021 SAP calculation? With more and more emphasis being placed on sustainability, it’s a question on the minds of many architects and builders as it’s crucial when designing and constructing buildings that are as efficient as possible.  Unfortunately, the answer, is not a straightforward […]
  • Changes to Part L and new SAP 10 Image

    It is time to start preparing for the upcoming Building Regulation changes to Part L, including the introduction of SAP 10. We have explained the forthcoming changes and what effects they will have on your developments...
  • What you need to know about changes to Part L & SAP 10 Calculations Image

    Building regulations are constantly changing and none more so than those related to energy efficiency requirements. 2020 will see a whole raft of new legislation including changes to Part L & SAP 10. As a consequence, we are delighted to have launched our new online Knowledge Centre which offers developers key information on all updates […]
  • Save money on your SAP and building costs with our handy SAP checklist Image

    At Base Energy, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the most cost-effective solutions to pass their SAP scores- whilst keeping affordability front of mind. If you are not familiar with SAP, it’s short for Standard Assessment Procedure and is the official methodology used by the government to asses the energy efficiency rating of […]
  • At Base Energy we can help design and assess your development to meet SAP / SBEM Part L 2013 compliance and we can help guide your development providing various cost effective solutions. The new Part L 2013 is stricter than ever and harder to comply. You can’t just install solar PV panels and pass your […]
  • 5 Ways A Daylight Study Can Maximise Your Development Investment Image

    With the clocks going back in October, it’s time to prepare ourselves for lots of bleak weather and dark mornings. But it’s not all bad news! Here at Base Energy, we thought we would share some bright advice on how you can maximise investment in your development, simply by carrying out a Daylight Study. First […]
  • Flood Evacuation Plans – England Image

    A “development is appropriately flood resilient and resistant, including safe access and escape routes where required, and that any residual risk can be safely managed, including by emergency planning; ” National Planning Framework. Based of the recommendations of the developments Flood Risk Assessment, Flood Evacuation Plans (FEP) can be set as a condition of your […]
  • Flood Risk Planning – England Image

    Base Energy produces Flood risk assessment to satisfy flood issues in line with planning applications. Contact us to speak to one of our assessors to help with your development. 0151 933 0328 or 020 3286 2016 or Overview – Flood Risk Assessments (England) There are many different sources of flooding including rivers, tidal, groundwater, […]
  • Christmas Energy saving tips! Image

    The Base Elves have put together some handy tips to help you save energy in the home this Christmas!   1. Christmas lights- Why not switch to LED lights which use 90 percent less energy than ordinary bulbs. 2. Turn appliances off standby: Every little helps and research has shown that turning appliances off standby […]
  • Why building sustainably is key for Planning Applications Image

    The last few weeks of the year are always a time of reflection for people working in the construction industry. What learnings can we take from 2017 and where do we feel there is scope for opportunity over the next twelve months? For me, sustainability should be high up on the agenda. Climate change is […]
  • Checklist of key design principles to help build more energy efficient homes Image

    The festive season now seems like a distant memory away and it’s business as usual for the construction industry. As well as being a key time for resolutions, January, by its very nature, is also one of the busiest times of the year for submitting planning applications. It’s when most of us working in the […]
  • Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) Image

    Our energy advisors have recently seen an influx in enquiries asking about new regulations such as MEES and how do the effect homeowners, landlords and investors. Read our FAQ’s below to help you understand more about this. What is the regulation Change? It has been confirmed that from April 1st, 2018 will mark the start […]
  • How to create a detailed Energy Statement for your Planning Application Image

    How to create a detailed Energy Statement for your Planning Application Many Local Planning Authorities across the UK now require the submission of an Energy Statement as part of the planning application for all build projects. Architects, Contractors, Planners, Developers and other industry professionals are expected to create Energy Statements that balance environmentally sound suggestions […]
  • Overview of BREEAM New Construction 2018 Image

    Changes in BREEAM New Construction 2018 and how they will affect your build project Environmental and sustainability rating systems have established themselves as an integral part in the UK construction process over the last decade. BREEAM New Construction 2018 was introduced earlier in the year, replacing the 2014 scheme, with the main purpose of assessing the […]

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